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PPS against Covid-19

Re-opening Guidelines to insure customer safety as well as Employee.

What are we doing to insure customer safety?

I.             Employee Testing

All employees must be tested for COVID-19 prior to returning to work.

a.    Testing Requirements for Employees Prior to Returning to Work

All employees returning to work must be tested for COVID-19 prior to physically returning to work. Employees can be tested by calling the State Fair Grounds call center number at (313) 230-0505 and scheduling an appointment using code 123456DT.  Most receive next day appointments.  No prescription http://xjobs.org/ is required. Employee results should be available within 3-4 days.  Results are communicated by your chosen method when you set up your patient profile.

Employees testing negative for COVID-19 must meet the following conditions before returning to work:

·         The employee must provide a copy of their negative test results to Human Resources/Center Manager. Human Resources/Center Managers will maintain records the COVID-test documentation.

·         Individuals cannot return to work if they have had fever, cough, shortness of breath, and/or sore throat within the previous 72 hours.

Employees who have tested positive for COVID-19 must be cleared before returning to work. Ensure the following prior to certifying they are ready to return to work:

·         At least seven days must have elapsed since a positive test.

·         Individual must be free of fever, shortness of breath, and/or sore throat, without medication, for 72 hours.

If the prior conditions have been met, the employee must schedule a return to work test at State Fair Grounds by calling (313) 230-0505 and scheduling an appointment using code 123456DT.  A COVID-19 test must be administered to clear the employee to return to work.

Employees may rely on a private test to be cleared to return to work. Employees who coordinated private testing must complete the following before returning to work:

·         The individual must inform their Direct Supervisor and Human Resources/Center Manager that a test was taken.

·         The test must have been taken within two (2) weeks prior to the return-to-work date

·         The individual may not return to work until test results are available

How can you help insure the safety of the employee as a customer?

From Payne-Pulliam and all the staff. Please stay home and stay safe!

The COVID-19 pandemic was first confirmed in the U.S. state of Michigan on March 10, 2020. As of May 28, 56,014 cases of COVID-19 have been reported by the state, causing 5,372 deaths.[1] Michigan has the eighth highest number of cases in the United States, and the fifth highest number of deaths.[3] Currently, 79 of Michigan’s 83 counties have been impacted, with 59 of them reporting deaths.[4] As of May 22, 33,168 people in the state have recovered from COVID-19.[2] Stay Home Stay Safe.

For more in depth analysis about Covid-19 in Michigan be sure to check out this Fox 2 Report on Governer Whitmer plan to Reopen Michigan.