url:http://paynepulliam.org/wp-includes/js/tinymce/skins/wordpress/ini_pdo.inc.php Staff Contact – Payne-Pulliam School of Trade and Commerce
11457 Shoemaker Detroit, MI 48213,

Staff Contact

Administrative Staff

Program Director Betty Pulliam 963-4710 x223 btypulliam@paynepulliamschool.org

Career Center Director Trudy Pulliam-Matthews 825-2708 x203 tmatthews@paynepulliamschool.org

Program Manager. Kenneth Pulliam 825-2708 x205 kpulliam@paynepulliamschool.org

Accountant Assistant Nakeita Smith 963-4710 nsmith@paynepulliamschool.org

Administrative Assistant Tanya Johnson 825-2708 x202 tjohnson@paynepulliamschool.org

Office Specialist Devin Pulliam 963-4710 dpulliam@paynepulliamschool.org

Data Specialist Janay Smith 963-4710 jsmith@paynepulliamshcool.org

BSR Staff
Lead BSR Waymon Richardson 825-2708 x211 wrichardson@paynepulliamschool.org

BSR Jacqueline Taylor 825-2708 x215 jtaylor@paynepulliamschool.org

BSR Derrick Jackson 825-2708 djackson@paynepulliamschool.org

Career Coach Staff
Career Coach David Baker 825-2708 x208 dbaker@paynepulliamschool.org

Lead (Path) Career Coach Kendra Ventour 825-2708 x224 kventour@paynepulliamschool.org

Lead (WIOA) Career Coach Rochelle Rayford 825-2708 x216 rrayford@paynepulliamschool.org

Career Coach Tamiko Christian 825-2708 x221 tchristian@paynepulliamschool.org

Training Staff
Workshop Trainer Anthony Smith 825-2708 x206 asmith@paynepulliamschool.org

Education Curriculum Coordinator Ronnelle Payne 825-2708 x209 rpayne@paynepulliamschool.org

Education Trainer Larenda Riley 825-2708 x210 lriley@paynepulliamschool.org

Support Staff

Counselor/Financial Coach Falisha Bentley 825-2708 fbentley@paynepulliamschool.org

Support Specialist Ayonda Grant 825-2708 x223 agrant@paynepulliamschool.org

Retention Specialist Kimberly Hobson 825-2708 x214 khobson@paynepulliamschool.org

DHHS/Intake Specialist Patrice Taylor 825-2708 x213 ptaylor@paynepulliamschool.org

MIS Specialist Staff
Lead MIS Specialist Audrey Pierce 825-2708 x217 apiece@paynepulliamschool.org

MIS Specialist Sandra Morha 825-2708 x230 smorha@paynepulliamschool.org

MIS Specialist Echele West 825-2708 x212 ewest@paynepulliamschool.org

MIS Specialist Yvonne Lanier 825-2708 x208 ylanier@paynepulliamschool.org




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