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      ABOUT US

      Here are some facts about Payne-Pulliam School:


  • Payne-Pulliam School was established in 1973

  • Two minority women have successfully operated a 501c3 tax—exempt training institution

  • Their mission is to serve disadvantaged persons and individuals seeking individualized instruction in Business Office Technology training, Literacy Skills, GED Completion and Job Placement.

  • PSTC  has served more than 40, 000 to several thousands youth, young adults and adults.

  • Has maintained a success rate of over 60% in Job Placement, a minimum 2 grade level increase in Reading and Math levels for their participants.

  • A minimum of 1,000 participants have received their GED while in one of our literacy programs.

  • Has employed over men and women, with a current staff of 25.

  • Has a legacy of three generations within the company.

  • Since 1991, Payne-Pulliam School has hosted its signature fundraiser, “The Annual Door Opener”, awarding persons opening doors of opportunity to Detroit citizens.

  • Has hosted an annual Golf Tournament to fund GED/Literacy programs since 2013.

  •  In 2018, PSTC will service the FOOD STAMP EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING (PLUS) PROGRAM…. assisting food stamp recipients who do not receive cash grants, to obtain employment and training that allows them to gain earnings that will enable them to support their families without government subsidies.





Rev. Betty Pulliam


She is committed to helping and encouraging the men and women who come to the institution for training to achieve their endeavors as God has destined for each of them to do.

Freddie M. Lindsay-Payne


44 years of experience as a private career school owner and provider of vocational employability and life skills training opportunities to persons desiring to enter into our employment society.


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